Tim Paul
Head of Interaction Design at the Government Digital Service in the UK

Building the GOV.UK Design System

The UK’s public sector has a long lineage of design systems, from Margaret Calvert and Jock Kinneir’s road signage to British Rail’s corporate identity. At the Government Digital Service we're building a design system for our newest bit of national infrastructure: digital government services. 

In this talk Tim will describe how the GOV.UK Design System has helped teams efficiently build accessible, usable public services. He'll talk about the challenges they faced during development and of the importance of external contributions from the rest of government.

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Christian Nordström
Design Manager (Ruter)

A design system for public transport

Ruter, the public transport authority for Oslo and Akershus, touches over a million inhabitants lives each day. We face design challenges across all platforms; such as maps, travel information, wayfinding, industrial design, digital products, communication, marketing and design of transportation vehicles. Ruter Design System is evolving from a traditional standards manual to a set of tools, reusable parts and processes. It has to support a multitude of channels, products and people. Christian, Ingrid and Ronny wish to share some of the complexity we have to deal with in our design ecosystem.

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Ingrid Hagelund
Designer (Ruter)

Ingrid will be presenting the design aspect of Ruter's Design System. 

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Ronny Siikaluoma
Design System Lead (Ruter)

Ronny will be talking about the frontend aspect of Ruter's System

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Marianne Askheim
Lead UX designer (ABB)

Design systems within the industrial domain

How to create a common design system that works well across multiple industrial domains and use contexts?
How to engage people globally; designers, developers, product owners and managers in rolling out a design system?
How to infuse design thinking (and doing) into a huge organization – when there are only a handful designers amongst 135,000 employees?
In 2015 a small team in Oslo started the design effort of building a design system for ABB’s portfolio of more than 400 software products, covering all thinkable form factors (165 sqm wall screens, 4’’ embedded displays and everything in between), encompassing most industrial domains and pretty much every available technical platform. Marianne will talk about how they approached this challenge.

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Øyvind Johannessen

What more is there to a design system, than design?

NRKs content is presented through a wide range of products and services depending on content, user context or age. NRK Super certainly looks and feels different from our streaming service for grown ups, not to mention our news site. It’s an intended and necessary difference. So, why do we bother maintaining a design system a cross all of our services? What more benefits can a design system have other than visual styles?

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Eirik Backer
Fagansvarlig frontend (NRK)

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Collin Remst
UX-Designer (Norsk Tipping)

The journey towards a consistent user experience at Norsk Tipping

Norsk Tipping is a state lottery with over 2 million customers. More than 50% use digital channels for buying products within lottery, sports or online casino. At this moment, we are in a process of building one new digital platform, to replace the two separate technical solutions for mobile and desktop. At the same time Norsk Tipping has introduced a new visual identity to better accommodate to customer expectations. We see it as essential to implement a structured design system. This is to achieve a consistent user experience, better communication between designers and developers and work more efficiently.

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Ragnhild Ask Torvik

Et designsystem for liv og død

Hver dag bruker 100.000 mennesker DIPS sine systemer rundt på norske sykehus. Systemene vi leverer skal støtte leger og sykepleiere i arbeidet deres med å behandle pasienter og redde liv. Med et så komplekst og kritisk system trenger vi selvfølgelig et godt designsystem. Brukerne trenger konsistens og utviklerne trenger ferdige komponenter. Designteamet i DIPS har utviklet et komponentbibliotek og tilhørende guidelines. I en organisasjon med svært mange utviklere, og få designere, er det viktig at alle klarer å ta designsystemet i bruk på en god måte. Vårt innlegg vil både beskrive designsystemet vårt og hvordan det brukes i organisasjonen, samt diskutere de utfordringene vi møter som designere i en utviklingsdrevet organisasjon hvor produktene i stor grad blir designet av utviklere og produkteiere. Hvordan kan et designsystem ta oss et skritt nærmere gode brukeropplevelser?

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Jonas Skjærpe
IT Direktør (NAV)

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Sergio Haisch
Head of the Design System Team (NAV)

Building a design system across multidisciplinary teams

With the increase of multidisciplinary teams in an organisation og 19000 employees, there is massive content production that is beyond our control (or design). How can we build design systems that not only designers and developers can understand and use, but also as tools to help innovation in domains we might not be familiar with. Sergio will also share the experiences of our design system nearly two years after its first release.   

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Let's talk design systems!

We would like to invite you to a Design Systems Meetup from 08:30 to 13:30 this February 12th, at Design og arkitektur Norge (DOGA). NAV is joining forces with Ruter and IxDA Oslo to arrange an event where we'll share experiences, practices and continue to build a design system community in Norway. The event is a follow-up from the Design System Power lunch at Sparebank 1 and the Frokostseminar at Gjensidige.

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Opening keynote by NAV CIO Jonas Skjærpe

Ruter: A design system for public transport

ABB: Design systems within the industrial domain

:: Break with refreshments ::

NRK: What more is there to a design system, than design?

DIPS: Et designsystem for liv og død
(in Norwegian)

Norsk Tipping: The journey towards a consistent user experience

:: Lunch is served in the Atrium & Formlab (downstairs) :: A big thank you to our lunch sponsor Netlife 🙌

Building the GOV.UK Design System

Building a design system across multidisciplinary teams

Panel discussion.
Feel free to contribute your questions via Slido!

We expect to wrap up at 13:30.

Please note that this schedule might change without further notice. 

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